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Media Advocacy Specialist

  3/5/2012   IPS
 Job Description        

The Institute for Public Strategies (IPS) is seeking a Media Advocacy Specialist to plan and implement community-based newsmaking campaigns to advance substance abuse prevention policies in the East and South Bay regions of San Diego County. The goal is to reduce youth access to alcohol and other drugs and foster positive changes in community norms. This will include helping to develop newsworthy stories about alcohol and other drug-related problems and solutions for print, broadcast and web-based media outlets.



IPS is seeking a fulltime Media Advocacy Specialist to skillfully and strategically conduct community advocacy campaigns designed to reduce problems associated with substance abuse. Such campaigns will use a range of media outlets (television, newspapers, video, web sites, and other outlets) to create a shift in public opinion and mobilize community resources to advance selected policy goals. The focus of such campaigns will not be on public relations, community awareness, or information dissemination but on changing environmental conditions that that tend to increase youth access to alcohol and other drugs. This is not a marketing position; it does not involve the promotion or sales of any product or services. The person selected to fill the position will have responsibility for the design of news events /conferences, news releases and advisories, op-eds, broadcast interviews for agency and community members, and editorial board meetings.


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This position requires excellent written and verbal communication skills in both English and Spanish. This position is located in Chula Vista, CA.


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