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Opportunity Drawing Volunteer

  2/17/2020   7th Annual Toys for Tots Event
 Job Description        

The organizers of the annual largest single day event benefiting the San Diego area Toys for Tots program are seeking a volunteer to plan and manage all aspects of the opportunity drawing element of the event. This includes, but is not limited to planning all aspects of the drawing; identifying potential sponsors and soliciting in-kinds donations; accepting, storing, accounting for, and organizing the prizes for the drawing; reporting results on a regular basis to the organizers; transporting the prizes to the drawing site; organizing, managing, and overseeing the drawing; procuring supplies needed to run the drawing; maintaining exquisite records; developing the sequence for the prize drawing; working with and overseeing volunteers; preparing and obtaining marketing materials; preparing letters acknowledging donors; conducting the drawing, keeping participants informed, verifying winners, and delivering prizes; and other actions as may be required.



Previous volunteer work preferred. Computer literacy (MS Office Suite) required. Fundraising experience preferred. Understanding of the military preferred.


 Additional Information        

Our 2019 event donated 3,962 toys (more than triple the record set in 2018) and more than $18,500 (again, more than the 2018 record). Our independent organization is NOT part of the Toys for Tots Foundation or any element of the U. S. Marine Corps, U. S. Marine Corps Reserves, or any Marine Corps unit or command. This is an unpaid position. Must have computer, computer skills, and reliable transportation.


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Jay Anderson

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