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Host an International Student

  4/24/2017   EF International Language School
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Contact us today! Please respond to the email provided with your name, phone number and area of San Diego in which you live.



EF International Language school is looking for great families to host our students! The San Diego school is the premiere EF language school in North America. The school is located in Point Loma and has approximately 800-1100 students throughout the year. We have students from over 40 different countries ranging in age from 15-50. The majority of our students are between the ages of 18-25. Through hosting you can learn about a new culture and meet amazing students from all around the world. You can also earn up to $880 a month! Requirements: - Student must have a comfortable bedroom with access to a desk, clean bed linens, and towels (twin rooms, or 2 students per room, are acceptable as long as 2 beds and enough storage are available) - Have food available for breakfast and dinner on weekdays, and 3 meals on weekends - Student must be able to get to the EF school in 1 hour travel time via public transportation (bus, walking, biking, etc) Host a student and gain knowledge of another culture while forming relationships that last a lifetime!


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