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Contracts and Grants Accountant

  7/31/2017   Veterans Medical Research Foundation
 Job Description        

Interpret contract and grant requirements and funding agency guidelines. Ensure that interim and final financial reporting as required by the funding agency are completed in an accurate and timely manner. Maintain budgets and approve expenditures in accordance with Foundation policies and procedures, sponsor terms and conditions, and federal guidelines. Review IRB and IACUC protocol documents for approval of allowable protocol-related expenses. Process Joint Personnel Agreements (JPAs), as required. Advise PI on the overall status of all funding sources. Advise PI on a monthly basis of the financial status of all accounts; forecast possible problem areas. Analyze and advise on status of personnel on projects approaching close-out. Analyze awarded research monies and prepare fiscal projections and reports to ensure proper expenditures of grant and contract funds as required by funding agencies. Forecast financial scenarios, and make sound recommendations for spending plans.



Bachelor’s degree in a related field from a four-year college or university and at least 1 year of related experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Must be able to read and interpret notices of award, terms and conditions, contracts, subcontracts, and other legal documents related to grant administration. Must be able to read and interpret various accounting documents: income statements, balance sheets, project details, purchase orders, etc. Must have experience coordinating interim and final fiscal reports to external agencies; and be familiar with 2 CFR 200 “Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards.”


 Additional Information;jsessionid=C7D73E0A8540325C8317517B1632EC9D?org=VETERANS_MEDICAL_RESEARCH_FOUN&cws=1&rid=843


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