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Pro-Bono Legal Services Needed

  7/2/2018   Jewish Family Service of San Diego
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Within the Network, JFS is leading the legal response effort for any individual or family facing deportation and is committed to reuniting families who have been separated. Immigrants seized by Border Patrol or I.C.E. have few resources to defend themselves. In many cases, their legal proceedings are expedited, and rulings on deportation are made in a matter of minutes. In the short time since the SDRRN’s launch, JFS has provided legal assistance to 150 families facing deportation. But with current policies putting more and more families at risk, we need your help to carry out this vital work.



JFS Stands for Families In the past six weeks, more than 2,000 children have been separated from their parents at the border. Parents taken into criminal custody and prosecuted for illegal entry. Children as young as infants taken to detention centers – away from their mom and dad. In response to growing fear and apprehension within our community, JFS has helped launch the San Diego Rapid Response Network (SDRRN), a broad coalition of 40+ human rights and service organizations, attorneys and community leaders convened by the ACLU to educate, protect, and assist immigrant and refugee families with legal support and social services.


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Qualifications: •Willingness to take a case and see it through •Do not need to speak other languages – will be joined by a translator when needed •Must be barred in the state of California For more information or to volunteer please email:


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