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Pre-K enhancement instructor

  8/20/2018   The Urban Collaborative Project
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Support Teacher Internship Are you seeking a future position in education or early childhood development? Then this is the opportunity for you! This opportunity is open for College Students in the San Diego Community that are interested in making a change. Internships through The Urban Collaborative Project can provide a dynamic perspective of what families of diverse backgrounds must do to provide education for their young developing kids. Background on the Project: The Urban Collaborative Project discovered that 3rd grade children in Southeast San Diego are 30% behind the rest of their colleagues that live in other parts of San Diego.* Community Members were in uproar as they wanted solutions to what could be done to improve their Community’s Education System for their children. Through much community discussion and planning, The Urban Collaborative Project’s Staff and loyal Community Mem



teaching experience with pre k kids. Child Development and/or education experience required


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