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Gift Shop Admissions and Sales Clerk

  8/22/2018   San Diego Model Railroad Museum
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-Sells merchandise items, day passes, and memberships -Cleans and maintains sales displays and sales area -Keeps sales items in stock and on display -Keeps prices clearly posted and updated -Registers sales -Makes change -Provides information to the public or directs to a knowledgeable source -Maintains merchandise stocks -Opens and closes registers at the start and end of each business day -Stocking and displaying of merchandise



Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have excellent guest service skills. Must be able to work holidays, weekends, and some evening shifts. Desirable qualifications include prior work experience in a high volume, fast paced retail environment, and the ability to operate a cash register accurately/efficiently. Must have good mathematical skills and cash handling experience. This position requires standing for extended periods of time. Periodic heavy lifting up to 30-40 pounds and cleaning and maintaining all areas. This is a part-time position.


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