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Executive Director

  10/29/2018   Confidential
 Job Description        

Qualifications and Preferred Experience: • Proven start up, management and leadership capabilities with the ability to persuasively interact with multiple stakeholders and donors • Trustworthy, reliable, high energy, positive attitude, team player, self-motivated • Strong verbal and written communication skills • Demonstrated ability to think creatively and understand program management • Excellent computer skills and attention to detail • Familiarity with human trafficking • Spiritually mature and discerning and able to attest to the Nicene Creed



This is a confidential search for an Executive Director for a local faith-based organization that provides long-term safe housing and complex trauma recovery programs for survivors of sex trafficking. Job Description Summary: The Executive Director (ED) has overall strategic and operational responsibility for the organization’s staff, programs, execution of its mission and future expansion. Ultimately, the ED is responsible to ensure the organization is sustainable over the long term. The ED is committed to the organization’s core values, mission and vision. The ED will have the ability, experience and education to lead, coordinate, oversee, and grow the overall organization’s housing and rehabilitation program. Strong leadership and managerial skills are essential to motivate and lead a staff working in a difficult environment. The ED carries the vision for the organization and manages the oversight of the entire program.


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