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Fledgling Nonprofit Seeking Board Members, Volunteers, and more!

  4/1/2021   Sanctuary Hostel
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Sanctuary Hostel is a work in progress and is currently in the gestation stage. Sanctuary Hostel is registered as a US based nonprofit organization that will support a shelter of the same name registered in Mexico as a nonprofit organization/ Asociación Civil. When fully operational, Sanctuary Hostel will be a private stray animal rescue/ Refugio along with a 30 bed hostel for tourists seeking a unique experience in animal welfare volunteer work while visiting the beautiful area of Rosarito. At present we have already acquired a plot of land in Rosarito, MX in a residential neighborhood about 1 KM from the Pacific ocean. Work is underway to engage a local architect who is skilled in designing buildings made out of eco-friendly and locally sourced materials. The Sanctuary Hostel will be an experiment in a self sufficient, low impact, eco-friendly living and will try to grow some of its own food and use recycled water.



The immediate plan is to build a 30 bed hostel where tourists can stay and volunteer for the animal sanctuary making this a unique travel experience. Sanctuary Hostel will be operated on a financial model that will generate funds needed support the animal rescue operation. This model seems to be the way to go as most animal rescue operations fail due to lack of long term ongoing donations needed to fund such operations. The founder of the organization is a disabled veteran. He is seeking volunteer help in several areas to make progress on this project. The areas where help is most required at present are registration in US and Mexico, fundraising, grant applications and social media. If you are experienced in any of these and would like to make a measurable difference in the lives of stray animals, please contacts us with details about your offered skills and experience. We are currently seeking qualified professional board members as well.


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This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in helping an organization grow from the ground up.


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Evan Hodges

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