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  4/20/2017   Children's Legal Services of San Diego
 Job Description        

Job Description: Primary duties of the Investigator Supervisor are supervisory in nature and include, but are not limited to: Assign and distribute cases to investigators Oversee workload and quality of work, i.e. review reports, work schedules, etc. Responsible for the investigative team, i.e. maintain accessibility via phone and/or office time for investigators and conduct weekly case consults with each investigator Review and approve timecards, overtime requests, mileage reimbursement forms and other expense reimbursement forms Assist and advise investigative staff with questions or problems Responsible for completing periodic performance evaluations Travel out of county and out of state for client contact; maintain tracking sheet for out of county and out of state clients to ensure compliance with visitation policy Represent CLS at community meetings, if requested by Managing Attorney or Executive Director



Minimum Qualifications: Masterís degree in Social Work or related field and two years of experience working directly with children and families, or a BA in Social Work or related field and five years of experience working directly with children and families. The Investigator Supervisor should have excellent people management skills to attract, retain, motivate and develop an investigator team. The Investigator Supervisor must be able to maintain high standards of ethical conduct, and gain the trust and respect of both management and staff. A valid California driverís license, reliable automobile, automobile insurance as required by California law, and an operable mobile phone are required at all times while working for Childrenís Legal Services.


 Additional Information        

Respond, as necessary and appropriate, to formal and informal concerns, complaints and comments from relevant individuals concerning investigator performance Participate in investigator interviews for promotion positions and make recommendations concerning those positions Participate in interviews for staff positions and make recommendations for employment offers for new positions Participate in Management Team meetings Participate in Committee Meetings and works on committees as needed Work collaboratively with attorneys and CLS Management Team Approve Out of County Travel, Skype or Face-Time contact with clients In addition to the supervisory responsibilities, when necessary, Investigator Supervisor will also assume the same duties and responsibilities as an Investigator. These are more fully described in the Investigator job description and include, but are not limited to field work, visiting respective placements of our clients, writing reports to assist the court appointed attorn


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