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  10/24/2017   Partnerships With Industry
 Job Description        

The Chief Executive Officer/President enables PWI to adapt to and influence a dynamic environment. Working with and reporting to the Board of Directors, this role helps set policy and strategic leadership in concert with the mission, vision, purposes, and values of the organization. The CEO/President serves as the principal external representative of the organization and manages internal systems and complex processes of the organization to achieve effective and efficient operations. This position also directs budget development, fiscal responsibility and assures successful financial performance.



• Five years’ experience in a field relevant to the work of the organization, three years of which shall be at a senior or executive level. • B.S. in management, administration, or a profession or clinical field relevant to the work of the organization required. • Appropriate industry experience, preferably in the field of supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


 Additional Information        

Partnerships With Industry (PWI) was established in 1985, to provide supported employment opportunities to adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities living in San Diego County. Since that time, PWI has opened three additional offices, strategically placed to serve the entire county, and has helped 12,500 individuals find employment and thrive in a work environment. It is PWI’s mission to successfully create win-win partnerships between San Diego County businesses and adults with disabilities who want to work. PWI clients have a wide range of intellectual, developmental, and/or other disabilities; however, at PWI, we like to focus on their many ABILITIES rather than disabilities. PWI is proud to partner with more than 230 local businesses.


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