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Executive Director

  9/11/2018   Starlings Volleyball Club USA
 Job Description        

Starlings is seeking to hire an Executive Director who shares a passion for our mission and has the capabilities to expand our vision and lead our team forward. We are looking for a strong, positive communicator with business experience in the nonprofit sector and an extensive fundraising record. In this respect, the candidate will be personally responsible for both identifying opportunities and executing a fundraising strategy. The candidate will help refine the Starlings vision, create a plan of execution that is clearly communicated to all parties, measure the results, and make necessary changes to move us forward. This will involve hands-on operational assistance to the existing team, as well as additional hiring as needed. The candidate must have a strong understanding of financials in order to create and manage a budget that is reviewed at monthly board meetings. A solid grasp of social media is also required.



*Passion and commitment to Starlings’ mission. *Proven fundraising experience of more than 500K a year. *Deep connection to philanthropic contacts, preferably in Southern California. *Business experience of 10 years of managing and growing a company or organization. *Proven experience in managing an organization’s budget against goals. *Excellent writing and verbal communication skills. *Team player who is willing to do what is needed (hands-on). *Self-motivated, optimistic, positive attitude. *Completion oriented (gets it done). *Undergraduate degree


 Additional Information        

Primary Responsibilities Fundraising: Propose fundraising plan to meet our budgeted requirements, including sources, approach, and timing (target dates). Financial management: Prepare annual budget. Monitor and manage resources within that budget. Report financial position at monthly board meetings. Growing our culture: Establish a clear plan of communication within the company that reinforces the Starlings’ culture at all levels. Share this on a regular basis via our social media sources to those outside the company as well. Strategic planning: Create an “operating plan” that is clearly communicated and reviewed with all executives, directors, and coaches. Ensure that we all know where we are going and how we will get there. Present operating plan at annual directors’ convention. Building partnerships: Nurture existing partnerships and grow new partnerships through community relations. Make sure our mission is shared properly. Board support: Report to board at monthly meetings on progress to date and


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Starlings Volleyball Club USA

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