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VP of Forward Planning

  7/29/2020   Community Housing Works
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The Vice President of Forward Planning leads within an HRED team reporting to the Senior Vice President, in which the Vice President of Forward Planning is responsible for the initiation of new projects and creating and maintaining key stakeholder relationships, the Director of Project Finance is responsible for successful and sustainable project financing structures and projections and creating and maintaining key financial stakeholder relationships, the Vice President - Development is responsible for delivery of development projects, to assist, as assigned, in response to Requests for Qualifications/Proposals (RFQ and RFP), and to create and maintain key team and stakeholder relationships, and the Senior Project Accountant maintains project accounting. The Vice President further leads within a CHW team structure including among others Achieve resident services and Asset Management.



The Vice President of Forward Planning leads and supervises the acquisitions team in meeting the organizationís annual project acquisition and new construction goals through land acquisition and conceptual planning of new construction projects, and acquisition of existing multifamily projects throughout California. The team includes 2 Acquisitions Managers and an Assistant / Associate Project Manager. The primary functions include: 1) strategic planning of target geographies and product types to meet the company goals (15%) ; 2) prioritizing, screening and securing site control of new construction sites, and securing acquisitions of existing multifamily developments through supervision of the acquisition team (30%); 3) driving early feasibility and early conception design and due diligence of secured sites from Letter of Intent or equivalent to through handoff to the Development Project Manager (30%), and, 4) leading creation of related tools, external relationships (25%)


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