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Research Program Supervisor

  10/13/2017   San Ysidro Health Center
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San Ysidro Health Center (SYHC)ís Research & Health Promotion Department augments SYHCís clinical care with health promotion, research and care coordination programs for patients and community members. Under the direction of the Director of the Department, the Program Manager is responsible for: Program development, conducting literature reviews & needs assessments, development & implementation of health promotion programs and research projects, and program evaluation; grant proposal identification, development and submission; grant management, including attention to budgets and personnel supervision; communication and reports to funding agencies; the recruitment, hiring, and supervision of department staff; and the facilitation of program integration across SYHC clinical delivery sites. The Research Program Manager also oversees the implementation of the research projects in the department including the coordination and supervision of the teams and activities of the projects.



Education Required: Advanced Degree: Masterís (e.g. MPH, MA, MS), PhD, MD (both U.S. and Mexico degrees acceptable). Experience Required: Research experience; minimum 2-year experience in program/grant management, personnel supervision, & grant writing. Verbal and Written Skills Required to Perform the Job: Bilingual (English/Spanish), Bi-cultural preferred (not required). Technical Knowledge and Skills Required to Perform the Job: Experienced in management, supervision, program development & evaluation, and grant writing.


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