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Case Manager

  1/14/2020   Metro Community Ministries, Inc.
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The general function of the case manager is to support access to community resources, develop individualized service plan leading to relapse prevention, job placement and retention, education, and post release success. This position is responsible for implementing goals and objectives of the program, which is designed to offer program participants and their families the opportunity to identify and resolve their barriers which result in their leading productive, contented, self-sufficient lives. Responsibilities include: •Assess newly assigned participants to identify strengths and needs and use this information to develop an individualized service plan; conduct ongoing assessment and evaluation of participants and update the individualized service plan as the participant meets plan goals and objectives; Ensure regular, ongoing sessions with assigned participants designed to plan and follow through with individualized and program goals; utilize Motivational Interviewing, Appreciative Inquiry and Decisional Balance techniques in interactions and service delivery strategies. •Facilitate peer to peer support workshops and sessions, which include life skills, leadership development, healthy relationships, service learning, job preparation, and relapse prevention; Offer guidance services and general information and referrals in the areas of family development, parenting, employment, and social skills; identify and resolve barriers related to employment and self-sufficiency; maintain confidential case files and required documentation up-to-date and organized; submit monthly reports. •Work with resources for post-release planning, ensure initial intensive services are provided and are adequate to meet individual needs; Ensure client is meeting release plan and reporting back progress to probation/parole officer.



Metro Community Ministries, Inc. (Metro) seeks qualified applicants for the position of case manager to work with adults reentering the community from detention and individuals previously involved in gangs. The applicant will have experience working with individuals from a variety of cultures, ethnicities and educational level. Knowledge of issues affecting adults with previous justice system engagement is an essential skill set. Knowledge and experience working with community service providers to expand participant access to additional supportive services, and working with law enforcement/justice representatives in providing information on referred clients.


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