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Reading Specialist

  3/21/2017   Second Chance
 Job Description        

FOR FULL JOB DESCRIPTION VISIT WWW.SECONDCHANCEPROGRAM.ORG/CAREERS The Reading Specialist will administer the reading portion of the Test for Adult Basic Education to all youth to determine which youth are below grade level and in need of remedial literacy and reading support. The specialist will meet with youth individually to provide literacy and reading support tailored to the needs of each youth. The Reading Specialist will be a collaborative member of the Multidisciplinary Integrated Team including the Program Manager and Probation staff. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Administer the reading portion of the Test for Adult Basic Education within 21 days of admittance into the facility For those youth measuring at below a ninth grade reading level, provide literacy and reading services Conduct post-assessment and compare to measure progress achieved through literacy and reading instruction services provided



FOR FULL LIST OF QUALIFICATIONS VISIT WWW.SECONDCHANCEPROGRAM.ORG/CAREERS Experience working with or teaching students with school and social adjustment problems. General knowledge of the Juvenile Court System Methods and techniques for educating students who have documented school and social adjustment problems, behavior management and counseling strategies Ability to develop education programs for short-term students Ability to cooperate with Probation officials and caseworkers Ability to employ observation and evaluation techniques


 Additional Information        

VISIT WWW.SECONDCHANCEPROGRAM.ORG/CAREERS TO APPLY Monday: 2pm-8pm Wednesday: 2pm-8pm Friday: occasional hours for staff meetings Mileage is reimbursed and the hourly pay is $25.00/ hour Apply by sending a resume and cover letter to


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