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House Parents- Escondido

  3/4/2019   New Alternatives
 Job Description        

The San Pasqual Academy is now accepting applications for the position of Houseparents. We are a unique residential/educational campus that services adolescents ages 12 and up. The campus provides teens a home where they can learn the necessary social, vocational and life skills they need to become happy, successful and productive adults. Houseparents live on site and are responsible for maintaining the home structure for six to eight adolescents. You will live in the same building, but in a separate living space from the students. As a houseparent, you will be scheduled to work 40 hours out of the week and relief staff will be provided on your days off and during the times that you are not scheduled.



*Criminal background check required *BA and/or related work experience preferred *Married couples preferred (Both will live on campus but both do not need to be employees of San Pasqual Academy.)


 Additional Information        

* Salary negotiable *Vacation/sick time *Medical/dental benefits available to full-time employees To apply, please fax or email cover letter & resume to information below.


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Sandra Ruiz

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