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Impact Organizer

  7/11/2018   Impact
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ORGANIZING JOBS WITH IMPACT Impact is a team of organizers that works on behalf of groups like PIRG and Environment America. We work on campaigns for our environment, our democracy and our future. Our partner groups already have researchers, policy analysts and lobbyists working together on these campaigns. But research and lobbying arenít always enough to get things done in American politics. It takes organizing. WHAT ORGANIZERS DO When faced with resistance to change, often the only way you can win is to get lots of people to join together in taking the right action at the right time. Thatís what organizers do. And in so doing, they lay the groundwork for more positive change by recruiting, mobilizing and empowering new coalitions and constituencies. WHAT IMPACT ORGANIZERS DO Impact organizers go to the places that often decide whether a campaign will be won or lost. It could be a state thatís home to a swing-vote senator on critical legislation. It could be a city where a key



This is an entry-level position.


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