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Employment Specialist - Part-time

  6/12/2019   NAMI San Diego
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The Employment Specialist is an active member of the NAMI San Diego Clubhouse Navigation Team and actively assists members in developing employment and vocation skills, as well as collaborating with community partners to place and provide on the job support for clubhouse members in transitional or independent employment (part-time and full-time employment). Maintains and records clubhouse member “career profile” including job preference, work history, education history, strengths, legal history, and other information pertinent to the member’s employment or education goals. Within 30 days of enrollment, meets with individual clubhouse members to identify employment and education goals, and updates career profile with member minimum of every six months. Maintains a daily log of clubhouse member contacts. Actively promotes an integrated, regional system of care by participating in committees, on interagency teams, and by attending meetings related to the field of employment.



Bachelor’s degree in human services preferred. A minimum of 2 years’ experience working with SMI adults and co-occurring disorders. A clean driving record and a reliable vehicle. Excellent writing skills. Computer proficient in Outlook, Microsoft 360, Excel. Fluency in English required; fluency in Spanish or other threshold language preferred. Prefer lived mental health experience for self.


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