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Clubhouse Program Manager

  3/14/2019   NAMI San Diego
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The Program Manager is responsible for the overall operation of the Clubhouse, on-site and field based outreach and engagement program for homeless adults and older adults in the Central Region. The Program Manager will utilize Project Management strategies to implement effective use of resources and programing from business and administrative planning, organizing, coordinating and directing actions designed to accomplish overall program objectives.



Minimum Requirements, including linguistic and cultural skills, education, experiences, licenses and certifications: • Effective management and leadership style to maintain positive morale and cohesion as evidenced by maintaining a cooperative attitude toward coworkers, adaptability to change, applying appreciative language skills and interpersonal skills. • Knowledge and understanding of Biopsychosocial Rehabilitation (BPSR) principals. • HOPE (SOAR) benefits application and determination process for SSI/SSDI trained or eligible within 90 days of hire. • Coordinated Entry, Service Point, VI-SPDAT, HMIS, and mHOMS certified/trained or eligible within 90 days of hire. • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Psychology, Anthropology, Public Health, Business, Community Development, and Therapeutic Recreation with CTRS certification; or six years related experience and/or training in key leadership roles, preferably in non-profit setting;


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