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Going Home Services Social Worker

  6/26/2020   Third Avenue Charitable Organizatio (TACO)
 Job Description        

The Going Home Program was created for those who are dying on the streets from terminal illnesses and who are medically vulnerable. This program offers a support system and virtual family for these people as we care for their minds, bodies and spirits. Going Home provides supportive services to homeless persons diagnosed with terminal illnesses or struggling with chronic illnesses. This position requires knowledge of community services and resources. The Going Home Social Worker supervises and trains the Simonís Walk volunteers. These faith-based volunteers accompany each client in a one-on-one relationship. In addition, collaboration with medical providers and other service providers is required to meet the various needs of our clients.



This part-time position requires an empathetic, organized individual, experienced in working with grief, end-of-life issues, homeless populations, mental illness, medical/hospice social services, and substance abuse. Familiarity with crisis management, assessment and assistance with complexities of life situations including illness, finances, medical/mental/hospice social services and long term treatment/therapy. Provide ongoing therapeutic needs including counseling, medication management, family reconciliation, end-of-life planning, advance directives, etc. and maintaining confidential case files and other required paperwork/records. MSW or equivalent masterís level education or experience.


 Additional Information        

The Third Avenue Charitable Organization (TACO) is a non-profit organization that started out of the social ministry work of the First Lutheran Church. TACO offers meals, social services and free clinics to the most vulnerable members of society. Each week more than 750 people receive care from TACO. Please send cover letter and resume to


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