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  11/20/2020   Center on Policy Initiatives
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The Center on Policy Initiatives (CPI) is an innovative San Diego non-profit organization that combines cutting-edge research, policy campaigns, coalition building and leadership development programs to promote social and economic justice for working people and diverse communities. For more information about CPI, please see CPI seeks an organizer to lead economic justice and equity coalitions throughout the San Diego region. This is a full time position requiring an individual of independence, initiative and responsibility. The successful candidate must have a strong commitment to strengthening the labor and progressive social justice movements; collaborating with diverse community and worker organizations; and conducting effective organizing, outreach and the promotion of a comprehensive policy program. The right candidate will be able both to manage coalitions and support emerging grassroots leaders.



Demonstrated commitment to social and economic justice. Coalition organizing experience. Experience planning, organizing, and executing campaigns from start to finish. Experience in community, labor, or faith-based organizing or campaigns. Experience working with communities of color, immigrant communities, and/or people whose first or only language is other than English. Experience leading and training community volunteers to engage in door-to-door canvassing, phone outreach and public speaking. Experience communicating with a wide array of audiences: grassroots, community, professional and elected officials. Able to manage multiple campaigns on different timelines and with different objectives. Experience working with and helping to develop diverse, broad-based coalitions. Strong facilitation skills for meetings and trainings. Ability both to lead and to work well in teams. Strong time-management and problem-solving skills. Excellent listening, oral and


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Center on Policy Initiatives

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