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Rehabilitation Counselor

  4/27/2018   Second Chance
 Job Description        

VISIT FOR FULL JOB DESCRIPTION The Youthful Offender Rehabilitation Program serves our County’s most severe and chronic juvenile offenders (aged 15 to 21) in an effort to reduce recidivism and deter youth from entering the adult justice system. This is accomplished by offering a unique combination of targeted group interventions and individual counseling and mentoring. Our services begin while youth are still incarcerated and continues once they are released on probation; this relationship often spans 18 months or more. We utilize a combination of evidence based curricula and best practices when working with youth and are guided by an overriding principal of focusing on the strengths and needs of the youth (client centered, youth development focus). Rehabilitation counselors provide group and individual counseling to youth and follow their caseload into the community. The ideal candidate has experience working with this specific population as well as a mental health background, MFT or SW Intern.



VISIT FOR FULL JOB DESCRIPTION Preferred MFT or SW intern. Bachelor's degree in social services, counseling or similar field. Experience with Juvenile Justice involved youth. Experienced group facilitation. Motivational Interviewing.


 Additional Information        

VISIT FOR FULL JOB DESCRIPTION Full time, non-exempt position. Full Benefits. Use of own car required for community work, mileage reimbursed. Clean driving record (no points), complete background check.


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