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  10/12/2020   MAAC
 Job Description        

YOUR ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES AS AN AMERICORPS MEMBER This is an AmeriCorps position and as such, the member may not engage in prohibited activities as part of his/her/their service. The member will have an immediate supervisor at Metropolitan Area Advisory Committee on Anti-Poverty of San Diego County, Inc. (“MAAC”) and a LISC point of contact throughout the term of service for coaching, mentoring, and training support in order to undertake activities to achieve a community goal. The member is expected to undertake the following activities toward goal achievement: □ Participate in the resyndication of 294-units of affordable housing spread over 3projects. □ Assist with getting entitlements and permits □ Complete due diligence requirements □ Coordinate temporary relocation for the rehab projects □ Maintain calendar of activities and team member involved on behalf of the team



PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS To be eligible to participate as a LISC AmeriCorps member the candidate: (1) must not have previously resigned from a LISC AmeriCorps position; (2) be able to earn at least 75% of the education award for this position; and (3) if having previously served, been exited with satisfactory service from a prior term. The candidate will also need to meet all AmeriCorps eligibility requirements including but not limited to: □ Be at least 17 years of age (there is no upper age limit) □ Possess unexpired proof of status as a US citizen or possess unexpired permanent resident status and be able to provide documentation as determined by AmeriCorps during the pre-enrollment period □ Meet the National Service Criminal History Check Requirement noted below


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