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Part-time, on call Event Production Technician

  7/30/2018   melissa pfeiffer
 Job Description        

Technician will be responsible for leading and executing all technical elements of production, in addition to corresponding with clients and the event team. Technician must have a proficient understanding and ability to perform the following: • Knowledge of video projection devices and video displays; • Familiar with mixboards, sound reinforcements and wireless mic system; • Ability to project DVD, BluRay and DCP format on Christie Solaria One Digital Cinema Projection System; • Exhibit proficient knowledge of computers; set up and facilitation of PowerPoint-type presentations in the Joan & Irwin Jacobs Theater; • Responsible for setting up and operating audio and public address systems for various events as directed; • Ability to operate under pressure, in a fast-paced environment utilizing a range of equipment and media • Responsible for communicating with client and serving as the primary A/V contact during events



• Minimum 3 years of experience as A/V tech, sound reinforcement, or theatrical projection• A thorough understanding of current and recent video display formats• A thorough understanding of live audio reinforcement: mics, mixboards, etc. *A basic understanding of stage or theatrical lighting• Knowledge of both Mac and PC operating systems relating to A/V output• Good interpersonal skills and the ability to professionally communicate with clients, staff and vendors, as position is often be required to do so• The ability to work well under pressure• The ability to serve as the house A/V technician performing tasks such as: communicating with the booth A/V technician, interfacing with the client in the theater, calling the show or directing cues, lavaliere changes, and general house management• The ability to be flexible and adaptable in situations when client may provide last minute changes to media or run of show• • Must be punctual, position does not tolerate tardiness m


 Additional Information        

MOPA seeks a qualified Event Production Technician to lead, oversee and execute all audio/visual related tasks for event production at the Museum of Photographic Arts. Scope of events may include but are not limited to artist lectures, film screenings, wedding ceremonies, panel discussions, live theatrical performances, award ceremonies, and conventions. Candidate must have ability to work well with general public and possess the ability to make critical decisions consistently and under pressure. Ideal candidate would have experience working in a live event production environment that utilized both sound and video reinforcement, i.e, film production, concerts, theater, or additional live performances. Candidate must have an overall sense of awareness of timing and cues in live event production. Excellent communication skills and the ability to interact appropriately with high level donors and patrons is a must. This job description is as a guide. check for full description


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