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Web Design/Development

  4/16/2019   Divine Union Foundation Institute
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Creative volunteers or interns needed for innovative web design, IT talent, graphic arts/design, artistic web development for a branch of the Divine Union Foundation called the D.U.F. Institute. This is an opening for both technical as well as artistic support for this mission. We enjoy communicating our gifts and services through Holistic P.R. ( Responsibilities will include collaborating with our team to bring through this message for humanity in an effective, engaging and transformational way. A co-creative attitude is very helpful as our projects are all about leadership, growth and personal development. We collaborate with talent that feels called to make a difference in the human potential movement, and our office is currently working with WordPress Templates that use Avada Themes (



Creative Webdesign - IT - Web Development - Graphic Arts/Design Support Duration ~ Short-Term (few weeks/months) Start ~ Spring (April 2019) * Remote Possible * Groups Welcome * Families Welcome * Volunteers Welcome


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Website: Note: Our offices are out of the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California yet we use Zoom video conferencing between both the West Coast in CA and the SouthWest in NM. Volunteer hours can be any time of day and we can easily drive down to San Diego for in-person meetings. New website URL will be


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DUFI - Gayatri

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