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IT Lead

  5/13/2019   Solana Center for Environmental Innovation
 Job Description        

• Oversee all of Solana Center’s technology and data management • Perform a variety of tasks associated with the installation and management of desktops, laptops, printers, mobile devices, workstations, servers and networks • Patch Management of all systems • Manage Window Active Directory environment including Domain Controller, WSUS server, local share drive and backups • Maintain Cyber Security Strategy including management of firewalls, URL Filtering, Endpoint Protection, Security Policies, AAA, and security logging/monitoring • Management of LAN, WLAN, WAN systems • Manage scheduled backup jobs - monitor logs, swap media, and perform restores as needed. • Emergency support and troubleshooting of all technical issues • Acquire new hardware and software as needed For full job listing, please see:



Required Qualifications ● Working experience in and knowledge of Windows, WSUS, Active Directory, TCP/IP Networking, LAN, WAN, WLAN, Network Security ● Able to quickly troubleshoot, identify issue, and resolve IT issues ● Flexibility in scheduling ● Curiosity and a willingness to tackle new problems as they come up Preferred Qualifications ● Familiarity with Drupal & PHP ● Experience working with CiviCRM or another CRM ● HTML & CSS knowledge


 Additional Information        

This position is part-time, at-will, non-exempt and is paid $15-17/hour, depending on experience and in accordance with the laws of the State of California. Hours will vary 2-5/week, depending on needs of the office. Solana Center for Environmental Innovation is an Equal Opportunity employer. Please send a cover letter/email and resume to


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