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Data Management Specialist

  8/28/2019   United Way of San Diego County
 Job Description        

Database and Business Systems Maintenance ● Collecting and entering data and maintaining accurate records of valuable company information across all business systems. ● Development of protocol and process documentation for databases and business systems. ● Act as the secondary interface with all databases and business system problems, projects and upgrades. ● Assist in the development of a centralized process for all business technologies, databases, and processing systems for users and problem resolutions. ● Database maintenance and interfacing of databases to other business systems. ● Maintain data warehouses, mailing lists, and any other needed data lists. ● Liaison to all departments as it relates to databases and business systems. ● Aid users in the use of other business related technologies. Reporting ● Prepare routine and customized reports from UWSD databases and processing systems. ● Develop and maintain dashboards for key performance indicators.



Education: Degree/certificate in business, computer or technical related field preferred; a combination of related coursework and experience may be substituted Experience: One+ years database or CRM (customer relationship management) experience plus One+ year experience working with teams on special projects ● Demonstrated proficiency in MSOffice with advanced knowledge of Excel ● Experience with MS SQL helpful, but not required ● Demonstrated ability to work independently, manage time effectively and follow-thru ● Demonstrated strong communication and interpersonal skills ● Demonstrated ability to track multiple projects ● Demonstrated team player, with a positive attitude ● Demonstrated ability to exercise tact and good judgment ● Demonstrated ability to set and meet deadlines ● Demonstrated numerical aptitude ● Must utilize own transportation for fieldwork (with expense reimbursement)


 Additional Information        

● Provide analysis of existing reports. ● Communicate report results and analysis to the department managers and executives. ● Train report users and answer report user questions. ● Develop documentation on the use and maintenance of all reports and dashboards. Other Duties ● Monitor and assure all data management protocols are being followed. ● Assist all departmental users in the utilization of databases, database tools, and other technologies. ● Support all IT and database processes and work to improve established processes. ● Additional duties as required.


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